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Men vs. Women: BILD BOY vs. BILD GIRL (Round 2)

Germany´s biggest tabloid paper “Bild” came up with a significant change of its cover page in June 2009. People called it a “naked revolution” or even a “cultural shock”. What it was?

Instead of naked females in form of “Bild Girls” an attractive man was presented to the readers on the title page: Alexander, the first “Bild Boy” in the history of the paper.

Bild Boy

Bild Boy Alexander

versus various Bild Girls

versus various Bild Girls

After huge turmoils and discussions of ambitious Bild readers, the newspaper started a survey amongst their audiences whether the Bild Boy should remain on the title or not. According to BILD.de almost 50,000 readers participated in the poll. The result: 54 per cent voted for him. With only a very small majority the readers decided, that once a week Boys instead of Girls are shown on the title page.

Regarding Coca Cola´s gender specific communication strategy (‘Coca-Cola Zero’ for the boys and ‘diet Coke’ for females) do you think the Bild Zeitung´s new “equality” plan was  desired/overdue or completely redundant?



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